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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
Depend on Vogel to provide you with the equipment to make your own picket fence panels right in your own shop. Our Picket Fence Pointer turns square tubing into a spear-point picket. Companion tools allow you to pierce square tubing or channel to form the horizontal rails. Add our compact power units (see pg. 10) and you have everything you need to produce these fence components.
Unit of Measure

Tube & Channel Piercing Tools

Shipping Weight

N/A 10 lbs


N/A Fit's any of the three tools

Frequently Asked Questions


    Tube Pierce & Channel Pierce Tools

    You offer three tools for the horizontal rails. Which one is best?
    Two of our tools (CHP35 & CHP75) are only for use with channel. Our THP Tool, although more expensive, is more versatile, as it can be used on both channel and square tubing. Please review the maximum capacity of material that can be used in each tool. If you need to pierce larger material, please contact us to discuss your specific applications.

    I use more than one size Channel, do I need different tools?
    As long as your material does not exceed the maximum capacity shown you do not need additional tools.

    I make several sizes of square pickets, do I need different tools?
    No. As long as your material being pierced and the hole size does not exceed the tool's maximum capacity, you simply need to purchase additional punch & die sets for each additional size of square hole needed.

    Can I rack my panel (shift so panel is on an angle, such as when going up an incline).
    This can be accommodated by ordering a rectangular punch and die to allow extra clearance on the left and right side of the picket. The pickets will be able to move freely, meaning you will have to carefully fixture your panel before welding, but this will give you the flexibility to created an angled panel (where pickets pass through horizontal rails on an angle).

    Will the tube have deformation when being pierced?
    Yes. Our THP Tube Pierce Tool does not provide any ID support to the tube. This means that you can pierce any length of tubing. The tube is clamped so the two vertical side walls of the tube cannot bulge out during piercing. The top wall will dimple (deform) inward however. Most fence panel manufacturers simply face this part of the rail downward when assembling their panels. It is also possible to fill the dimple during welding and grind and polish for high value jobs where appearance is critical.

    How much dimple can I expect?
    It's the question we get asked most. The amount of dimple the THP tool produces is based on many factors, including hole size in relation to tube ID, weld seam location, tube material and gauge, tooling sharpness, press speed, amount & type of lubrication used. For this reason, we cannot estimate the dimple you can expect.

    Can you send me samples for us to evaluate?
    Because the amount of deformation will vary, as described about, we do not provide samples. We do not want to create an expectation of how much deformation will be produced, as you may experience more or less than any samples we might provide.

    Can I pierce multiple holes at once?
    With these tools, no. If the tools did, you would have no flexibility to change your hole spacing. To pierce multiple holes, you can purchase our Perf-Arc Tools and set-up in a press brake. Your set up will determine hole spacing, and the number of units you purchase will determine how many holes are pierced at one time.

    How do I control my hole spacing?
    We offer a gauging device that mounts to the CHP or THP tools. It allows for 8" centers maximum and is easily adjustable for lesser distances. A spring-loaded post drops into the previously pierced hole to control the spacing. The post needs to be changed each time you change your hole size.

    What kind of press do I need to run this tooling?
    If you do not have a press available that meets the press requirements listed, our CSP-25-SA Hydraulic Power Unit can power our CHP / THP tools and can also power our picket forming tool.