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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
Use in punch presses, press brakes, air or hydraulic presses. Vogel Perf-Arc vertical piercing units offer a flexibility and adaptability which reduces both set up time and costs.

Perf-Arc units are designed for when unsupported piercing is acceptable. Unsupported piercing means the tube will deform or "dimple" around the pierced hole.

All Perf-Arc tools can be used singly or in multiples of two or more and can be positioned adjoining one another, spaced apart or at angles to pierce tubing which has been bent prior to piercing. All units are self stripping. Self contained units can be mounted directly to the bolster plate or sub-plates. Demountable units are split units which must be mounted both top and bottom preferably in a die set. Demountable units are also available keyed, top & bottom for direct mounting into most press brakes - pls. advise at time of order.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

    How much dimple can I expect?
    It's the question we get asked most. The amount of dimple these tools produce is based on many factors, including hole size in relation to tube ID, weld seam location, tube material and gauge, tooling sharpness, press speed, amount & type of lubrication used. For this reason, we cannot estimate the dimple you can expect. These tools are perfect when the exact amount of dimple is not critical and variation in dimple (i.e. as tooling dulls) will not impact part function, such as clearance holes, bolt holes,etc.

    Can you send me samples for us to evaluate?
    Because the amount of deformation will vary, as described about, we do not provide samples. We do not want to create an expectation of how much deformation will be produced, as you may experience more or less than any samples we might provide. If the maximum amount of deformation created is critical, you may wish to consider a custom built arbor piercing die, which supports the tube ID and prevents any deformation. Please contact us to discuss your application.

    Will these tools pierce clean holes?
    No. Clean hole piercing (no deformation to OD) can not be done with Perf-Arc tools. In order to prevent tube deformation, we will typically custom design and build a tool in a die set, with a mandrel to support the tube ID. Because of the custom nature of this type of equipment, please contact us and supply a print of your part so we can accurately quote an appropriate tool.

    How do I set up these tools?
    For the following models, 627 / 637 / 647 -we offer a variety of designs:

    • D style - one dimpled hole, designed to be installed into a die set
    • DK style - one dimpled hole, includes keys, top & bottom for mounting in a press brake
    • DD style - two dimpled holes, designed to be installed into a die set
    • DDK style - two dimpled holes, includes keys, top & bottom for mounting in a press brake

    All the above tools have a top and bottom half that separate completely. They need to have their movement guided, so they come together properly as your press cycles.

    • Die Set mounted tools These tools have holes in the top and bottom for bolting into a die set. If you purchase multiple units, you can mount them with appropriate spacing and put in multiple holes at the same time. We do not normally sell or install the units, but we can recommend Danly, who is a mfg. of die sets.
    • Press brake mounted tools These tools have a 1/2" wide key, top and bottom for installing directly into most press brakes. No die set is required.

    We also offer the self-contained 629 / 639 / 649 units. These units have a flanged base with mounting holes. They can be bolted directly to the bed of your press or to a subplate. If you wish to install into a press brake, you will want to add a subplate with a keyed bottom.

    Can I pierce more than one hole at once?
    Yes, by purchasing multiple units you can put in multiple holes in one cycle of your press. Please note the left to right dimension for each tool. This is the minimum hole center-to-center distance that can be achieved by installing the units flush with each other.

    Also note that with 627 / 637 / 647 units, because of the springs that compress during piercing, the tube will change vertical position during notching. You cannot mix D & DD style units in the same set-up. If you wish to produce a part that has dimpled holes on one wall and dimpled holes on both walls, purchase DD style units (double dimple) and simply remove one punch to create dimpled holes on only one wall.

    Can I change my hole size or tube size?
    With the 627 / 637 / 647 units, changing hole size is simple, just order additional punches (up to maximum capacity shown) and swap. Punches install with a set screw. To change the tube OD, we recommend purchasing a new tool. These tools can be used on various gauges, with no changeover, as long as the tube OD and hole size remain the same.

    For the 629 / 639 / 649 units, changing hole size is more involved. In addition to a new punch, the lower clamp has an opening that functions as a die. The punch cuts against the lower clamp when piercing the bottom wall of the tube.

    Parts required for various changeover are described below:

    • Change hole size - new punch / new lower clamp needed
    • Same hole size, change OD - new upper & lower clamps needed
    • Same hole size, same OD, change gauge - new lower clamp needed dimple_chart.JPG