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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
Many of the tools Vogel builds every year are customized. They are either a standard tool, built to a specific customer tube spec, or a completely custom tool, quoted, designed and built to suit a specific dedicated application.

To help you better understand the broad range of tubular parts that can be manufactured with equipment built by Vogel, we have provided drawings of many typical part configurations. Note that some of these parts were produced in multiple operations or with more than one tool.

Because the details of your specific project will affect the tool design and cost, if you wish to obtain a quote for parts similar to the samples below, please call, fax or email us with drawings of your application's requirements. We'll be happy quote the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

Please request information to let us help you meet your needs.
Unit of Measure

Sample Parts

Tube Die Sample Parts


Custom Dies

Custom Arbor Piercing Die

For Piercing a clean hole through 2.5" OD x 1/8" wall tubing. Tube is slide over arbor (mandrel) against end-stop. Hole is pierced through both walls, with slug ejected below lower die shoe. Sharpenable punch, replaceable arbor. Tube is pierced with no de

Custom Flatten, Radius Form & Pierce Die

To form 1" schedule 40 pipe to bottom wall and form up into radius x 5-1/2" long. A second station pierces a square hole and trims end square.

Custom Centerline Flatten and Pierce Die

For 1" O.D. x 16 ga. stainless steel tubing. Creates end configuration, including trimming end square and piercing hole - in one press stroke.

Custom End Forming Dies

To form and seal one end of a 5/8" O.D. tube with gauging and air ejection in one stroke of the press.

Custom Centerline Flatten, Form, Pierce, Coin & Cutoff Die

For 1/2" O.D. x 18 ga. tubing with automatic gauging and stop. Makes one complete part per press stroke.

Custom Feed-Through Double Flatten, Radius Trim and Pierce Die

Performs all three operations in one press stroke. This feed through design means one end of two parts is made simultaneously. An hourglass shape slug is created when the two flattened ends are cut.

Custom Throatless Slotting Die

For slotting round, square or rectangular tubing to unlimited depths. Multiple hits required, depending on desired depth of completed notch.

Custom MultishotTM Multiple Slotting Die

This tool is designed to create multiple slots around the circumference of a tube in one stroke of a punch press, normally used when four or more slots are required and tube ID is sufficient to allow for required mechanism in tube ID. Note that our Arc-Tw

Frequently Asked Questions


    Custom Dies

    Vogel is proud to offer over 70 years of experience in building tooling specific to the tubular part fabrication industry. Custom built tool do have unique issues, both at the quoting phase and during design and build. Below we will attempt to common questions we've been asked about our custom dies.

    I am interested in a custom die like you show on your site. Can you give me a ballpark price?
    If you have a print available, we'll be happy to quote an exact price. Please fax, email or mail your prints. Please review our request a quote page for details. Without a print, we prefer not to quote even ballpark prices. Tolerances, how a part is dimensioned, materials - all these things can significantly impact cost, or even our ability to offer a tool at all! Rather than quote a ballpark that may not be correct or useful, we'd rather review all application details to insure we can provide tooling and an accurate price.

    Can I send you a sample of the my part for a quote?
    Again, we regret that quoting off a part is a practice we discourage. Once you're ready to order and have committed to producing parts, we'd don't want to see part drawings for the first time and have to advise that the part cannot be produced as drawn. Again, with a fully-dimensioned part print, we're happy to quote your custom applications.

    Can I get samples of parts produced on your custom dies?
    All custom dies were built by Vogel to meet a specific customer's application. In order to preserve confidentiality, we are unable to provide you with another customer's parts. We of course will extend this same confidentiality to your drawings, custom dies we build and sample parts we make on your dies.

    What else should I know about custom die quotes?
    Regarding quotes, the more information you can provide, the better. If you have an intended press, please provide the specs. Instead of just quoting a tool, we'll advise if there's issues about fitting it to your press or any additional charges to make it suitable. Please review our request a quote page for details.

    What else should I know about custom die orders?
    Any product Vogel manufactures to order requires a deposit (typically 50% down) and samples of your material. We want your tubing in the form it will be presented to our tool. This typically means cut to length with your normal cutting technique, with bends or any other features in place that will be performed prior to the use of our tooling.

    Our lead time is critical, can you accommodate?
    Of course we make every effort to accommodate critical lead times. Unfortunately the custom-built nature of an order, means that completion dates cannot be guaranteed. Some very important notes on custom die lead times:

    • Lead times are manufacturing time, not delivered dates. Truck shipments typically add up to 1 week, depending on your location.
    • Lead times are our best estimate at time of quote. When you order, lead times may have increased or decreased. If critical, please inquire again at time of order.
    • Lead times are not from the date you issue your Purchase Order to Vogel, but "begin" when we received all items required to process your order. These items typically include a deposit & sample material. Other items may be needed as well and will be listed on your order acknowledgment.
    • As an example, if we quote a 6 week lead time on March 1st and we don't receive the required items till June 1st, your lead time to complete the order will be 6 weeks from June 1s. If our workload on June 1st is larger, we may have to increase the 6 week lead time.

    I won't be receiving my tubing till I'm ready to make parts, why do you need it before you begin manufacture?
    When we design your tool, we want to be aware of any material issues that could impact our design. Burr from cut off, reduced ID's from bending, weld seam height and location are just some of the issues we'll examine before we begin designing your tool. If you are unable to provide material at the time you place your order, please discuss with your salesperson. You can request that the sample material requirement be waived, with the understanding that if rework is required because of material issues, it will be chargeable and extend the lead time to complete the tool.