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Double Notching 90° "T" Joints on Pipe and Tubing

The Vogel Arc-Twin notches both sides of pipe or tube ends for T-joints with only one stroke of the press. There is no deformation, minimal burr, and the tool creates a slug, not chips, so your part is ready for welding or brazing. Notching time per tube or pipe end is as fast as you can load your part and cycle your press. Our Arc-Twin Self Contained Machines have an approx. 3 - 4 second cycle time. Tooling is easily changeable without removing the die from your press. Tooling is designed to be sharpenable. An Arc-Twin can also be used for putting in slots, weep holes, and other features than must be 180° opposed.

The Arc-Twin Tandem operates exactly like the Arc-Twin, but used an extra set of Die Inserts to cut notching time in half and double the output. In other words, it notches two tube or pipe ends at one time. Both die inserts can be the same or different sizes. The Arc-Twin Tandem can also be used when you need to notch two different sizes frequently, and want to avoid down-time for tooling changeover. Simply select the right or left side of the tool, based on what tooling you've installed, and you're ready to notch your part.

Complete Self-Contained Arc-Twin Machines are the perfect choice when an appropriate press is available or when a compact easily relocatable machine is desired.
Unit of Measure

Arc-Twin Die Set Models


N/A 220 lbs

Tube Max. Capacity

N/A 2-3/8 in

Shut Press Requirements

N/A 7 in

Stroke Press Requirements

N/A 3 in

Tons Press Requirements

N/A 30-45


N/A Notches both sides of two tubes with one press stroke. Consult factory for models and specifications.

Pipe Max. Capacity

N/A 2 in

Wall Max. Capacity

N/A .154 in
Size- Left to Right1 N/A 20" (27")

Size- Front to Back

N/A 8-1/2 in

Typical Applications

  • Round tubes to fit a different size OD
  • Square tubes notched to fit round
  • Notches with drainholes
  • Slots in rounds, squares, ovals
  • V-Notches
  • Square Max. Capacity

    N/A 2 in

    Additional Options

    N/A Arc-Twin 110A Locator, (to maintain orientation when notching both tube ends, incl. one post) ($850.00)Arc-Twin Additional 110A locator posts ($125.00)

    How Arc-Twin Tooling Works: 

    How Arc-Twin Tooling Works:

      The punch [fig. 1] and punch ring [fig. 2] are located in a punch holder. The punch faces toward the front of the tool.

      The tube is inserted into the front of your Arc-Twin, through the die [fig. 3] that surrounds the tube OD. As the tube is inserted, it slides over the punch, and stops against the punch ring.

      When using the Arc-Twin die-set models, cams shuttle the punch horizontally through the tube walls, then back to center. As the punch travels through the side walls, the outside of the walls are supported by the die, preventing deformation to the tube.

      We can make thousands of different punch and die sets for your Arc-Twin tooling. Self-contained-s.jpg

    Frequently Asked Questions


      Double Notching 90° "T" Joints on Pipe and Tubing

      I need to notch more than one size tubing, how many Arc-Twin units do I need?
      You can notch MANY different sizes with ONE Arc-Twin die set type tool or self-contained machine, up to the maximum OD and wall thickness shown. Changeover time to swap a set of Arc-Twin inserts is typically 15 minutes or so. Our die set tools are designed so you can perform this changeover without removing the die set from your press (follow all appropriate safety & lockout procedures before performing changeover).

      If you have two frequent notching applications, we offer an Arc-Twin Tandem Die Set or Self-Contained machine that accepts TWO sets of tooling, allowing you to install two different sets of tooling.

      If I purchase the Arc-Twin Tandem, can I operate both sets of tooling at the same time?
      Yes! You can select the left or right hand set of tooling, or if desired use both sets simultaneously. We have customers who have identical tooling installed into Tandem Units and by using both sides with each press stroke, double their productivity.

      Since the Arc-Twin notches both walls at once, how do I create a notch and a drainhole, but with the drainhole on one side only?
      We can custom make tooling we call "sectional inserts". We create a two piece punch, that is asymmetrical, once side creates a notch and the other a notch + drainhole. Although a more expensive design, this will create the drainhole only on one wall, yet do it all in one press stroke!

      I've heard that the Arc-Twin tooling lasts twice as long, why is that?
      Our Arc-Fit tooling notches one tube wall at a time. To complete one tube end requires a total of two cuts. With our Arc-Twin tooling, the punch and die have two cutting edges (at "3:00" and "9:00"). As the punch moves sideways, it cuts each wall of the tube within the same stroke. Each cutting edge of the punch has only cut once. In other words, 10,000 tube ends cut with an Arc-Fit tool will expose the one face of the punch & die to 20,000 cuts. The same quantity of tubes cut with our Arc-Twin will only expose each side of the punch & die to 10,000 cuts. So you'll be sharpening the tooling half as frequently with our Arc-Twin tooling and you'll be completing your notched tube ends twice as fast!

      How do I sharpen Arc-Twin tooling?
      Although we include sharpening instructions in the manual that comes with your Arc-Twin equipment, most customers prefer to send their tooling to Vogel for sharpening. Note that both the Punch and Die are cutting edges, like the two halves of a scissors. Please see our page on sharpening for instructions on returning your tools to Vogel for sharpening.

      What do the numbers stamped into my tooling mean?
      We assign an Assembly number that is marked into the Punch, Bushing and Die of your Arc-Twin tooling. This number begins with the letter "T" and is followed by three or four digits. All three parts have the same number (Note if your assembly was custom made, we may use a stock bushing and mark the unique assembly number only on the Punch & Die). Because all three parts have the same number, it is easy to make sure you are using the correct parts together. When ordering replacements, be sure to specify whether you wish a new Assembly (three pieces) or wish to order individual parts only (just a punch, for example). If you have several Vogel tools and are not sure of what sizes they are for, you can contact us with the markings on your tool.

      If I buy the Arc-Twin die set unit and eventually upgrade to the self-contained machine, do I need different tooling?
      No. The Arc-Twin die set units and machines take the same tooling, as long as you are purchasing equipment with the same maximum capacity. I.E. our 101DS unit and 101HPP machine take the same tooling.

    • 1 Left & Right Dimensions in parenthesis include spring rod