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The Arc-Snug is designed for ONE angle, 25º to 90º, between the centerline of the notched and mating tubes. Please specify Tube OD, Gauge, Mating OD & Angle of Intersection at time of order. The housing may be re-used with different assemblies to accommodate other pipe sizes, angles, etc.
Unit of Measure

Arc-Snug Tooling


N/A 210 lbs

Shut Press Requirements

N/A 10-1/2 in

Stroke Press Requirements

N/A 4 in

Tons Press Requirements

N/A 60-80


N/A All Arc-Snug Housings & Assemblies are made to order to suit your application. Arc-Snug & Mitre-Snug tools use the same housings.

Wall Max. Capacity

N/A .250 in

Size- Left to Right

N/A 13 in

Size- Front to Back

N/A 12 in

Outer Diameter Max. Capacity

N/A 3 in

Square Max. Capacity

N/A 3 in

Compatible Assemblies
(Request Informationfor Details)

N/A #500 Assemblies (for stainless steel notching applications) ($6,175.00)#500 Assemblies with Drain Hole, 1st Station ($6,145.00)#500 Assemblies with Drain Hole, 2nd Station ($6,175.00)#500 Assemblies, Mild Steel, Tube or pipe sizes up to 3” O.D. or 3” square ($5,550.00)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use the first station of my Arc-Fit Angular to make 90° notches?
    No. Although the first station look similar, the Arc-Fit Angular creates a deep elipse in the first station, a notch that is too long and narrow to be appropriate for a 90° notch. For 90° notching our standard Arc-Fit tooling is required.

    What angle should I order?
    The Arc-Fit Angular is most popular for railings alongside stairways. For this application our customers most commonly order a 35° angle. Note that this same angle can also be described as 55° (see illustration below). We can also make the tool for other angles, please contact us to discuss your needs.

    I need more than one angle / I'm not sure what angle I will need.
    The Arc-Fit Angular is designed to consistently notch out one angle. By not fully inserting the pipe in the first station, it is possible to "cheat" and create a slightly shallow angle, perhaps up to 5° less, at most. If you need a wider range of angles you may wish to consider the ABC Abrasive Belt Coper which is able to produce copes at any angle, 90° - 45°.

    What is the difference between the Arc-Fit Angular and the Arc-Snug?
    There are several differences, including:

    Arc-Fit Angular
    • Two stations - three strokes (two in 2nd station)
    • Normally used with pipe
    • Leaves gaps, joints commonly stick welded
    • #75 Housing can be used in Vogel CSP-25-SA Power Unit
    • Two stations - two strokes
    • Normally used with tubing
    • Snug, gap-free fit-up, also suitable for brazing
    • Longer stroke not suitable for Vogel CSP-25-SA Power Unit

    I'm making handrail and my uprights are a different size pipe.
    You can order an Arc-Fit Angular custom assembly designed for one size pipe to fit a different size. For example, perhaps you need to notch 1-1/2" pipe to fit against an 1-1/4" pipe. No problem! Just specify the details at time of order. Note that each time the angle or pipe sizes change, a new assembly is required. Different assemblies can fit the same housing as long as the notched pipe does not exceed the housing's maximum capacity.

    I need to put in a drainhole, how can I do this?
    You have several choices. The Arc-Fit Angular can put in a drainhole at the same time it is creating the notch.The drainhole would be at the deep point of the notch and created in the first station.
    If you don't need the drainhole in every part, you can also purchase an Arc-Fit assembly to create a drainhole (only) to be used as an additional operation after the notch is created.

    Can I sharpen / replace my tooling?
    Yes, you can replace the punches and / or the dies. You can also send in any of these parts to be sharpened. Please visit our page on sharpening for instructions on returning tools to Vogel for sharpening.