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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
The Vogel #25 Econo Arc-Fit is the perfect tool for low-volume notching of light-wall fence industry tubing. This tool is complete with three cutting disks for notching 1-3/8”, 1-5/8” & 1-7/8 - 2” fence tubing [1”, 1-1/4” & 1-1/2 schedule 10 pipe]. If you need to notch schedule 40 pipe, or require higher productivity, our Arc-Fit tooling described above is the right choice.
Unit of Measure


Pipe Size

N/A 1 in1-1/4 in1-1/2 in

Maximum Wall

N/A .109 in

Outer Diameter

N/A 1-3/8 in1-5/8 in1-7/8 in


N/A The Econo Arc-Fit is not recommended for notching schedule 40 pipe for schedule 40 or sizes not shown above, please view our Arc-Fit tooling information.

Frequently Asked Questions


    Econo Arc-Fit

    Can I order different cutters for different size tube & pipe?
    No. In order for us to offer the Econo Arc-Fit at such a low price, each model (#25 or #25A), comes with three interchangeable cutters, for the ODs & wall thickness listed. No other sizes are available. If you need more versatility, either additional sizes or heavier wall, then our Arc-Fit tooling will be a more appropriate choice.

    My Econo Arc-Fit isn't cutting as good as it used to.
    If you've had your Econo Arc-Fit notching tool for a while, the cutters may be dull. You can purchase new cutting disks for $95.00 each. Note that the tube rest is also a cutting edge. Once the tube rest is dull, simply replacing your Econo Arc-Fit is recommended .

    How do I line up the 2nd notch?
    No orientation gauging is included. Some customers will design their own gauging. For example, a simple square block of wood, with a hole drilled to match your tube OD and a thumb screw will work. Slide this device over the tube, tighten the screw and if you have a flat plate below your material, you can only rotate the tube in four positions. Rotate the tube till the gauge block is upside down, and you will have two notches 180° apart.

    My notch depths are not consistent, why?
    The Econo Arc-Fit does not include an end-stop that would control part depth. Each of the three included punches is designed to notch to a different depth. Most users, with a little trial & error learn how to 'eyeball' the depth accurately. Remember the Econo Arc-Fit is meant to be a low cost tool, perfect for light-duty, occasional use. If you need to insure consistent notch depth and prefer a higher-quality and more durable tool, please consider purchasing our Arc-Fit tooling.

    The ram of my Econo Arc-Fit keeps breaking - why?
    The ram is the vertical cylinder that slides up and down when you operate your Econo Arc-Fit. The cutting punches bolt to the underside of the ram. Most often, if the ram breaks, it's because the tonnage to create the notch exceeds the tool's capacity.

    The common reasons for this are:
    • Notching material that exceeds the tool's capacity (i.e. schedule 40 pipe)
    • Dull punches and / or tube rest
    • Extra hard material (such as oil field pipe)
    • You can replace your ram, but if you don't change the underlying cause, the new ram will likely break as well, and this will not be considered a manufacturing defect. If you need to notch schedule 40 pipe, upgrade to our Arc-Fit tooling, if you are notching material that is suitable for the Econo Arc-Fit, it may simply be time to purchase a new unit with sharp, fresh cutting edges.