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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
For double notching 90° "T" Joints on Pipe and Tubing
For Double Notching Pipe and Tubing
The ARC-TWIN notches both sides of pipe and tubing ends for T-joints with one stroke of the press. There is no deformation, all edges are clean and the “twin notches” form perfect T-joints for welding or brazing. Notching time pet tube or pipe end is less than three seconds. The ARC-TWIN Tandem operates exactly like the ARC-TWIN but uses an extra set of Die inserts to cut notching time in half and double the output. In other words, it double notches two tube or pipe ends at one time. Both die inserts can be the same or different sizes.

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Sample Parts

90° Tube Notching Sample Parts

Pipe notched to fit pipe with drainhole

Slots in square aluminum tube

V-Slots in copper tube

Round to fit round

Notch legs of aluminum extrusion

Square slots in aluminum tubing

Slots in thinwall stainless

Narrow slots in aluminum tube

Radius notches in aluminum extrusion

J-Slot in aluminum tube

Key hole slot in round steel tubing