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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
  • side_notching02

    “V” Notch Units can notch square or Rectangular Tubing within their square capacity. The tubing is automatically clamped and unclamped for easy insertion and removal of the work piece. The units come complete with one set of tooling for one size and wall (advice when ordering). Font Spacers are changed with different sizes (Shimmed for different wall thicknesses). The Rear Cams are changed for different wall thicknesses.

  • side_notching04

    This is an example of Vogel's custom die capabilities. Similar to a V-Notch die, this die can be custom built for specific applications where the size of the holes are too large to be pierced in an arbor piercing die or where large windows must be pierced in tubing. Please send us prints of your application details so we may quote a tool specific to your needs.