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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
  • Cut Off Die

    For use in your own punch press.

    For dimple-free cutting of tubing, these dies are designed for use in your punch press. Our design was originally patented in 1941, and is in use throughout the U.S.A. and the world. Our two-blade method produces cuts on round tubing with no deformation and minimal burr. A slug, (not chips), is produced, from .06" to .125 " thick depending on the blades used.

    Since no chips are produced, and burr is typically 10% of the tube's wall thickness or less, most parts can be cut and are ready for the next operation such as expanding or mandrel bending without deburring or chip removal, drastically slashing handling and final piece part costs.

    Die blocks move with cams to completely encircle the tube and prevent OD bulging during cut off, as well as provide a sharp cutting edge for the blades to cut against. A horizontal blade is cammed tangentially across the top of the tube to remove enough wall material for the vertical shear blade to enter and complete the cut without deforming the tube.

    This method is best used with mild steel tubing, but can be used on other materials, such as aluminum, stainless, half-hard copper, etc. Vogel Cut Off Dies are designed for offline recutting of tubing, (not "flying" as used when cutting tubes during manufacture on a tube mill).

    Square tubing is cut with the horizontal blade mechanism removed, with the tube in the corner-over-corner orientation, also resulting in a dimple-free cut. Die blocks are interchangeable to accept a wide range of shapes and sizes up to maximum capacity of the die. Die blocks and blades can be changed without removing the cut off die from your press and all cutting members are designed to be sharpenable.

    All dies are shipped with a (not shown) drip-feed lubrication system and a 24" long end-stop and micro-switch stop assembly which signals your press to cycle. This allows material to be cut as fast as the stock can be fed.

    Watch cut off die video
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  • piercing01

    Use in punch presses, press brakes, air or hydraulic presses. Vogel Perf-Arc vertical piercing units offer a flexibility and adaptability which reduces both set up time and costs.

    Perf-Arc units are designed for when unsupported piercing is acceptable. Unsupported piercing means the tube will deform or "dimple" around the pierced hole.

    All Perf-Arc tools can be used singly or in multiples of two or more and can be positioned adjoining one another, spaced apart or at angles to pierce tubing which has been bent prior to piercing. All units are self stripping. Self contained units can be mounted directly to the bolster plate or sub-plates. Demountable units are split units which must be mounted both top and bottom preferably in a die set. Demountable units are also available keyed, top & bottom for direct mounting into most press brakes - pls. advise at time of order.

  • side_notching02

    Custom Arbor V-Notch dies are used when a tube needs to have a large notch produced and the application does not permit any deformation to the tube. These dies are built in die sets and designed with an arbor (internal mandrel) to support the tube during the notch process. For this reason, costs will be application-specific, so please consult factory to discuss your project requirements.

  • Structural Shear

    Tools for parting solid shapes like bar or channel, tools for corner notching flat stock.

  • Samples Various BW

    Many of the tools Vogel builds every year are customized. They are either a standard tool, built to a specific customer tube spec, or a completely custom tool, quoted, designed and built to suit a specific dedicated application.

    To help you better understand the broad range of tubular parts that can be manufactured with equipment built by Vogel, we have provided drawings of many typical part configurations. Note that some of these parts were produced in multiple operations or with more than one tool.

    Because the details of your specific project will affect the tool design and cost, if you wish to obtain a quote for parts similar to the samples below, please call, fax or email us with drawings of your application's requirements. We'll be happy quote the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

    Please request information to let us help you meet your needs.