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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
  • Standard Arc Fit Housing

    The Arc-Fit method is a low-cost way of creating accurate notches in tube or pipe ends. The tube is slid onto the tube rest, over the punch. As the punch and punch holder are depressed, the punch notches the bottom wall of the tube. The tube is rotated 180º and the first notch, now on the top of the tube, is visually aligned with the scribe lines on the punch holder. The 2nd notch is made and the tube is ready for welding or brazing. These spring-loaded tools may be powered by most press brakes, ironworkers, punch presses, or Vogel Hand or Hydraulic Presses, see the charts below. Although most popular for 90º T-Joint notches, custom assemblies may be ordered for custom shaped slots, notches with drainholes and more. Please contact the Vogel factory to discuss your specialized notching application.

    An Arc-Fit Assembly consists of three pieces, the round punch, square punch holder and rectangular die (tube rest). When worn, (typically 10,000 - 20,000 notches or more), you can send your punch and die to Vogel for sharpening, or simply replace just the worn items.

    The Arc-Fit Housing holds the punch and die. The charts above and below indicate the maximum capacity of each housing. You may order many assemblies for each housing, or one housing for each assembly to eliminate change over time and increase efficiency. Hardware and springs are included with each housing.

    Watch Manual Notching Video
    Watch Power Notching Video
    Muescas Tubos - Manualmente
    Muescas Tubos - con poder

  • typical_joint05

    The Arc-Fit method is a simple and dependable way to create notches in pipe or tubing, slots and many other types of end notches.

    The tooling consists of Housings and interchangeable Punch & Die Assemblies. Each different tube or pipe size or notch configuration requires a different Assembly. Many different Assemblies will fit the same Housing, up to the maximum capacities listed in the charts below. The final component is a press, to provide power.

    Our Arc-Fit tooling can fit many ironworkers, punch presses, or even press brakes. We offer presses, either manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic, to power your Arc-Fit tooling. Your tube or pipe is slid, horizontally, over the Tube Rest, onto the Punch. The punch fits the ID of your material. The Punch Holder functions as an end-stop.

    The Press pushes the Punch & Punch Holder downward, through the bottom wall of your material. The Tube Rest is also a cutting edge, supporting the underside of your material, preventing deformation. In most cases (round pipe fitting round pipe, for example), the material is rotated 180° and a second notch made. Simple scribe lines on the Punch Holder help line up the material for the second notch.

    Arc-Fit tools are designed for many years of use. Our Punches and Tube Rests are designed to be sharpenable. We have made thousands of custom Arc-Fit assemblies to suit specific applications. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

    If you have higher volume notching requirements, our Arc-Twin tooling will notch each tube end in ONE press stroke.

    To notch with the Arc-Fit method you need a HOUSING, ASSEMBLIES for each size tube or pipe and a PRESS, [hand or power].

    Please note that below is only a small selection of the many thousands of different tools available.  Please contact the factory at 630-562-1400 to discuss your specific notching application.

    We can customize a tool for application such as notching one size tube to fit another, notching to fit another tube and adding a weephole for galvanizing.  We offer Arc-Fit notching tools for up to 6-5/8" OD. 

    Individual assembly prices have changed for 2015.  Please visit the CATALOG tab to print a current price list.

    Watch Manual Notching Video
    Watch Power Notching Video
    Muescas Tubos - Manualmente
    Muescas Tubos - con poder