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Tools For Tubular Part Fabrication
  • Arc-Fit Angular

    For making angular pipe joints The Arc-Fit Angular tool produces a consistent accurate notch in pipe. Because this tool stamps out the notch, each tool is dedicated to a specific tube or pipe size at a specific angle. You can purchase multiple punch & die assemblies and swap them in our Arc-Fit Angular Housing to accommodate additional angles or material sizes.

    Arc Fit Angular units are designed to produce angular notches on pipe and heavy wall tubing. The notch is ideally suited to welding with a rod or heavy wire. The resulting "V" at all contact points allows for full weld penetration without having weld buildup which must be ground down later. Each Arc Fit Angular Assembly consists of two punch and die assemblies requiring a total of (3) three strokes to complete the operation

    How it works: The first station notches a deep notch with an elliptical end. One press stroke is needed in this station.

    The second stations nip the left and right side walls completing the operation. Two press strokes required in this station

    Each Arc-Fit Angular assembly is made for one size pipe to fit one size pipe (advise if not the same size) at one angle only. By not fully inserting the pipe in the first station, it may be possible to "cheat" and create a slightly shallower angle ( up to approx. 5°).

    Arc-Fit Angular tooling is designed to be sharpenable for long life. Many customers order replacement parts first, then when received, send the old parts in for sharpening. This avoids any downtime and eliminates any expense for rush processing, overnight shipping, etc. Please contact us to obtain replacement part costs.

    Watch Angled Tube Notching Video

    Muescas Angulares

  • Snug2

    The Arc-Snug is designed for ONE angle, 25º to 90º, between the centerline of the notched and mating tubes. Please specify Tube OD, Gauge, Mating OD & Angle of Intersection at time of order. The housing may be re-used with different assemblies to accommodate other pipe sizes, angles, etc.

    Prices shown for individual models are for the Housing only.  Two station assemblies sold separately.

    #400 Assemblies from $3,475.00
    #450 Assemblies from $4,375.00
    #455 Assemblies from $4,895.00
    #500 Assemblies from $5,675.00

  • mitered_joint_units01

    The Mitre-Snug is designed for ONE angle, between 25° to 89°, as shown in illustration at left. Please specify Tube OD, Gauge & Angle at time of order. The housing may be re-used with different assemblies to accommodate other tube sizes, angles, etc.